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Egyptian system : 42 negative confessions

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2012, 12:41
by huck
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The video speaks of the 42 negative confessions of the Egyptians since c. 2:50 related to 42 gods. These gods were involved in the Egyptian cult of the death.

The 42 negative confessions appear also in the wikipedia article about Maat. At the bottom of the article is a list of the negative confessions, translated to English. These are said to have been taken of the book of Ani (c. 1250 BC), but the confessions differed slightly in different tombs.

The Nomes (42 political districts of Old Egypt), parted in 20 districts for lower Egypt (in the Nile-delta) and 22 for upper Egypt (along the river Nile in a natural sequence from 1 till 22)

20 Districts in Lower Egypt

20 Districts in Lower Egypt