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Trevor Denning

PostPosted: 21 Jan 2011, 21:43
by huck
Trevor Denning, member of the IPCS ...
... died in October 2009 in the age of 86 years. "He was made the first Member of Honour of the Asociación Española de Coleccionismo e Investigación del Naipe in 1989 and in 1993 won the Modiano Prize for research into the history of playing cards."

In 1996 he published "The playing-cards of Spain: a guide for historians and collectors"


A few pages of the edition can be seen by google-books ... navlinks_s

These cards are considered by Trevor Denning as from 14th century


These cards appear at the backside of the book


Some other books of Trevor Denning are noted without Preview ... Denning%22