Huck's Pub (1)

Huck's Pub (1)

Postby huck » 31 Dec 2010, 13:35

Huck's Pub

Ah, you found the button, nice ...

Yes, no error ...

Yes, a shield, featured with electric light and the air is filled with the smell of fried potatoes. Something is deadly wrong here ... with desperation the time traveler takes a look at the time-space control of the defect navigation tool ... the damn thing looks as if it 's in order again, it tells something about "Sabbioneta, Italy", 31st of December 1484. ... but this can't be! Electric light doesn't exist in 1484. Potatoes still grow only in America.
The time traveler considers a further harsh letter to the manager of the time-traveling bureau. Or better call him immediately, that's zero, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 222222 and, yes, there is ... tut ... tut ...

The mobile phone doesn't get the number correctly, the telephone answering machine of an institute, that offers "triumphal events for any opportunities," excuses itself, that the working minutes each day are from 11:11 till 11:15 a.m. and that you should try it then. The rest of the time they would stay at the swimming-pool and celebrate all the millions they'd earned with their project in the form of champagne, beautiful women from Mars and Venus, hamburgers and cigars from Cuba. Well, should be an error, just wrong number ...
A check at the website of the time-traveling bureau ... well, just to search the real numbers, leads to a remark of a Desperado-Chaos&Co organization, that they have hacked the website.

What's that?

... Sorry I've to disrupt this, just to remember the Boiardo style ...
... well, who was Boiardo? Boiardo had been a poet in 15th century, some time living at the court of Ferrara and in Ferrara - as you probably know - a lot of the early Tarot development. Boiardo wrote a big poem, "Orlando in love", and when he made shows at the court during which he read from his poem, he sometimes stopped and talked just from something different, why not, and as it seems it was amusing, cause later in Ferrarese theater development (they didn't not only invent Tarot cards, they also invented a lot of theater elements), this Boiardo habit developed to the "intermezzo"

Well, this is a spoiler, and if you're interested, you can click the "spoil" and see, what's there. If you're not interested, you simply go on reading, Alright? Shall we proceed?

... they hacked the website. OMG .. what does this mean?

(... this will proceed ... )
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